Tuesday, 16 April 2013

A fire, an Alacrity 19 (Heron), but no cycling.

I've not been out on the LHT this week, I just seem to have been caught up with so many other things. The big boats were craned-in on Friday and Saturday morning I was down to the Heron in the early sunshine to get a few jobs done. 

It was a lovely morning with a warm sun coming up over the broad haven, gulls calling and low water lapping under the bridge. Fly came along to help.

Jobs done and I went home for breakfast. As I headed back to the harbour El phoned in a state of alarm. The washing machine was on fire! I ran back up the road to find a brave wee wife pointing a fire extinguisher at it. The safety tag was still in, so she wasn't actually doing much about the fire but its the thought that counts. The washing machine was a right off. I eventually got tided up and went back to fix a puncture on my dinghy. 

I'm still not sure why, but it took five of us to put that patch on!  Sunday was spent in Fife trying to sort out some annoying family issues and then Monday morning I was buying a new washing machine. Today the wind was gusting to 64mph and the big boats were wandering around on their inadequate chains. I was glad the Heron is on the hard standing. In the distance the fishing boat Spitfire is run aground in the harbour mouth. This is a fairly common occurrence.

The wind will hopefully die down by Saturday so I will try to get out for a pedal on the trucker which should be sporting a pair of Continental Tour-ride (700x42) tyres that I picked up for a bargain £20 for the pair.


  1. Were your clothes ok or were they sizzled?

    Good price on the tyres!

  2. Clothes fine, it was the electrics and casing that caught fire. That Scotsman article caused a few comments!

  3. Peter:
    Glad you guys didn't sustain any big damages.
    I will be curious to learn about your thoughts on the Continental Tour-ride tires.
    Peace :)

    1. Thanks Chandra, it was a good reminder to check smoke detectors and the fire extinguishers. I'll do a post on the tyres once I get a few miles on them.