Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Mid Week Cycle 24th April

It's nearly the end of April and I've not been getting out enough. The cold weather and persistent high winds have slowed up the plant growth and left me procrastinating indoors. This evening there was still a westerly wind gusting to around 25mph but it felt warmer and the sun was peeking through the clouds. Time to get out and about.

I went out on the LHT to East Linton, up by Binny wood then back along the Tyninghame road and down by Knowes Mill. This is just down river from Preston mill but is pretty much a ruin. The local red sandstone glows in the evening sun.

I've owned a couple of dangerous Fords in my time.

I crossed the bridge and then headed along the blaze track beside the river. The trees are still bare but the Willows had catkins appearing.

This trail has deteriorated over the winter with lots of frost damage and some areas where the riverbank has collapsed. The trucker took a bit of a beating cycling along here and I felt a couple of bumps through the wheels, almost as if the tyres were a bit soft.

Obligatory picture in the arch under the Tyninghame bridge. The bridge was built in 1931, so although horses would have been led through these tunnels, they were not designed for them. They are just flood overflow tunnels. This one is now part of the John Muir Way.

It was a peaceful place for a stop to watch the river flow by. But time was getting on, so back up onto the road and along to Dunbar. As I pedaled past John Muir Country park I spotted Mark from the Dunbar Cycling Group adjusting a bike. He had a new rider out for a training run and pointed out that my new Continental Tour ride tyres looked a bit on the soft side. We chatted for a bit and he offered me the use of his track pump as we passed his home. Oh dear, the tyres were embarrassingly soft. Thanks Mark. I had a cheap track pump but it burst. I think I need to get a new one.

An enjoyable evening cycle, 14.5 miles about 8 degrees.


  1. Been resting the legs this week after too much cycling!,
    lost 1/2 stone in 6 weeks, Always good to get out locally and have a look around at stuff, it is indeed a very late spring Ped!

    Blackburn pumps are good, underated by magazine tests, i buy Blackburn stuff as lifetime warranty,

    1. Aye, you did a lot of cycling for those last 3 films. I've just looked up Blackburn pumps and they seem a good buy.
      One more sleep!

  2. I must say i like the pictures of the old mills and the river tyne, i used to love fly fishing there as a boy, good to see your getting back out on the LHT.

    1. I've been thinking about putting a ride together along the Tyne from around Pencaitland to the sea. There would be plenty of pics on that trip. Maybe even some wee films!! I'll catch up at the weekend about the camera.

  3. Well, at least it is greening up a bit.

    With more rain this spring than the last several, we are seeing a lot more green. We'll enjoy it until the end of May, I suppose, until the heat takes over.

    Good to see you out about about, and lovely photos as always.

    1. Thanks Pondero, I look forward to seeing some photos of a green Texas, even if it is short lived.