Sunday, 21 April 2013

Sunday Cycle by Stenton

I've not been getting much cycling in recently so I grabbed the chance to get out on a breezy but mild Sunday this week. The long Haul Trucker has it's new Continental Tour Ride tyres and first impressions are good. 

I headed out through Hallhill woods where someone has been busy with a chainsaw.

It was a slow and steady climb up to Stenton. Most of the way the wind was on the nose and, as usual, I was passed by a faster cyclist on a road bike. I was quite happy, pedaling away, looking at the hedgerows and listening to the birds. I saw a Swallow for the first time this year.

On the outskirts of the village of Stenton there is a Rood or Holy well. This is attributed with healing powers but is sealed off with a little iron grill. The flowered finial on the roof of the well is thought to have come from the original Stenton church and may date back to the 14th Century.

There is a neat little garden around the well with blooming flowers and a couple of Bumble bees. Even more surprising the was a butterfly. Perhaps Spring is finally here.

Further on  I stopped at the Tron on the village green. This would have been used to weigh goods on market days. Stenton was at the centre of the local sheep farming industry and the balance would have been used to work out prices for fleeces.

On the road to Pressmenan I stopped for a coffee at a roadside bench and soaked up the views and enjoyed the warmth of the sun.

It's the wee moments of peace that make the week at work a lot more bearable.

A long way back to the coast but at least it's downhill.

Ordnance Survey bench-mark on an old wall.

Back down towards Dunbar and there are buds appearing on the trees.

I stopped at the harbour and watched Dave wandering around in the water whilst I finished off my flask of coffee. He had become tail-tied on his yacht and was trying to free a line from around his prop. When I arrived he had swum over to Stuart's boat to borrow a dive mask. I didn't hang around to see what eventually happened.

21 miles overall and some lovely weather.


  1. BIG DAVE tail tied again oh dear, drop by the pub asap I've left something behind the bar for you.

    1. I'll force myself to pop into the pub. The in-laws were visiting this afternoon so I couldn't make it down.