Saturday, 27 April 2013

Heron (Alacrity 19) launched

A quick post this evening. Today's weather forecast had suggested northerly winds with a resulting swell of 3-4 feet at Dunbar Harbour. By 0900 this morning it became apparent that the wind was backing and the sea would flatten as the tide flooded. 

Denholm was available to drive the wee tractor in exchange for a couple of beers, Stuart was willing to get his dry suit on and get up to his neck in the water, my dubious trailer was rolling and the Heron was launched. No-one drowned! That's a good launch in these parts.

I'm on a new mooring this year and I was a bit concerned if the chains I had sunk would work. I'd scratched out sums and various calculations regarding weight, length, depth, tide, swell, prevailing winds, and with a bit of guess work and it all seems to have worked out.

The Heron (Alacrity 19) sitting happily on her new mooring. No mast or rigging yet but I'll hopefully get that done this week. I'd planned to cycle over to North Berwick to see the Fat Bike folk having their jamboree this evening, but the conditions for launching were ideal, so I had to grab the opportunity. Here's hoping for more settled weather and maybe some decent sailing this year.


  1. Good to hear of another successful launch, and all are safe. The Heron looks lovely and eager under that deep blue sky.

    Looking forward to that first sailing story of the year...

    1. It's blowing a gale again today but hopefully I'll be sailing soon.