Sunday, 15 January 2012

15th Jan boat work

Today was a lot colder.  Frost and ice in the shade but a little warmer in the sun.  Took the chance to start getting my wee boat ready for the beginning of the sailing season in about 12 weeks time. Not long!

I'm tucked away in a crap corner right on the side of the pier. It was all I could get, and during craning out I didn't think I was getting a space at all. Seems to be the fortune of the small boats!
Despite the cold I got the Heron opened up and some air through it. The last 4 years of painting, replacing and general maintenance have paid off as there is not much I need to do this year. If the money was available there's lots I'd like to do but ...
Today was spent poking around, checking the stove could still make a cup of tea and oiling the rubbing strakes. I used to use Ronseal type wood preservative on the rubbing streaks but the UV and salt destroyed it leaving the wood exposed.  Linseed oil is cheap and works. Last season I lashed on the oil in March and again in July. This year I've put the first coat on today and plan to keep adding regular coats as soon as the previous coat is absorbed until the boats go back in the water. I hope that I'll not need to apply anymore throughout the sailing season/summer.

That trailer looks fine! Must have been a genius who designed and built it?
The frost and the ice on the deck never melted all day. I gave up around 15.00. Dreams of hot summers days on the mighty Heron with a cold beer and fair winds seem very distant today.

Clear, 3 degrees max, no wind.

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