Sunday, 22 January 2012

Sunday 22nd Jan

Another long week at work with little sleep as rain continues to pour in through the missing roof.  RBS insurance remains quiet, Cunningham Lindsey are the loss adjusters who I have spoken to most mornings at 08.15.  Danny, who I call most days has been very helpful reporting he is e-mailing Michael Fawcett, the loss adjuster. Unfortunately Danny informs me every day that Mr Fawcett has not yet given clearance for work to begin. Its now twelve days since he inspected the property.  It must be a long report he is writing! Not sure where all the money I have given to RBS over the last 13 years has gone but I know it is not currently fixing my roof. Still sleeping on the living room floor, still spending the nights with one eye open and buckets everywhere. The damage continues to increase.

After last nights 55mph winds I was back on the roof trying to clear up.

The rain is going to piss in come Tuesday.

Took fly out for a good wander. On the way back along the Cliff Top Trail I stopped to throw her ball around. Fly did her daily inspection of the 25 pound gun.

The wind was still blowing 25mph gusting 35mph but the sea was beginning to calm after the last few days.

High water. Took Fly home, then down to the harbour to put another couple of coats of oil onto the Heron's rubbing strake. Not much room around the boat!

Herring gulls with Eider ducks in the Harbour. Not such a bad view when working on the boat.
Time off this week so hopefully I'll get out for some micro adventures.

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