Friday, 13 January 2012

January 3rd - Fri 13th

After the quiet start to the New Year things went wrong, very wrong.  On Tuesday 3rd Jan I awoke around 07.30 to incredibly strong winds hitting the back of the flat. I'm used to storms and high winds and generally sleep through most of them but this morning the wind seemed to be physically shaking the building. I made a coffee and as I wandered through from the kitchen, Fly, my dog, came past me dragging her blanket to the living room in the other side of the house. Mad collie.... then the wind went silent for a second followed by an almighty bang as a huge gust hit. The next bit is all a bit blurred but basically the 6m x 8m flat roof at the back of the flat peeled off and headed for Denmark.  Not so mad collie!
The next two days were filled with trying to get in touch with insurance, getting emergency roofing and generally cleaning up. It also rained hard Tuesday night. Ceilings were coming down, windows smashed, furniture wrecked and there was no working electricity.

Its now 10 days later. The insurance loss adjuster finally visited yesterday and if we can work out the liability share, repairs can start.

So, I've been sleeping on the living room floor, washing in the dark and the dog has a very smug look about her. Up on the roof most evenings keeping an eye on the repairs. Lots of outdoor activity but not what I would have chosen.

The forecast is settled for this weekend with little chance of rain so I'll try to get out for a bit of much needed relaxation.

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