Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Years Day

A quiet Hogmany, I fell asleep! So started the year with a cycle.  Started out through Hallhill / Lochend woods.  Despite being surrounded by new housing there are still enough great little trails to avoid dog walkers and the wandering inebriated. ,

Then under the A1 and up the climb past Bowerhouse to take a quick photo at the rough location of the WW2 Auxiliary post (blown up). I was passed by a group of a dozen or so happy looking cyclist who were all freewheeling down the hill. Many "Happy New Years" and waves all round. Great views out over the Bass Rock to Fife.

Then off through Pitcox where I could hear the pipes playing and then down the long descent to Biell Mill before the hard pull up to the old crossroads. I had planned to go over the Railway bridge and on toward Knowes but it was getting cooler and cloudier so I cut along the farm road. This track is marked for "Riders and Walkers". I figured I could include myself in those groups.

Cropped hedges against the winter sky. The further along I spotted an unexpected sight. Gorse in bloom in January! It's been a mild winter so far.

Back up hill again.
Then through the Yew Avenue. Loads of Chaffinches flitting in and out of the trees.

John Muir Country Park was busy and the light was getting low so quick dash through the trails then back home.

14 miles, Intermittent cloud, 7 degrees max. F2 gusting 3.

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