Saturday, 14 January 2012

Jan 14th Monynut

After the stress of the last 10 days it was time to keep to the plan and get back out enjoying the wild places. I've had a head cold which has been more unpleasant than usual as I couldn't go to bed because the bedroom roof is missing. The cold was clearing however,  so I drove up through Elmscleugh (where the road has deteriorated to a track) to get to the west side of Monynut. The cloud base was low with the tops of the hills covered. Some ice on the road and a cold drizzle of rain. I decided to take the lower routes through the woods because it was just too grim out on the hills.

I followed the fire roads out for a couple of miles then cut up across the hill and down towards the burn. Despite the cold grey weather there was plenty of birdlife, the usual finches and I thought I saw a Siskin but not sure.  The descents through the woods to the clearings are always a favourite. The increase in temperature is noticeable amongst the spruce trees.

Once I was following the burn and the old track I took advantage of the shelter of the trees to brew up. Making a cuppa in a wild place is something that I take great pleasure in. A very simple process but it gives me time to stop and clear my mind.

First find a sheltered spot free from bugs, beasts and other humans.  Then fill the kettle and get a brew on.

A little bit of peace.

Further on the trail deteriorated but there's still lots to see if you look.

Found a dead shrew. No sign of damage. Its teeth were quite twisted although it didn't look emaciated.

Picked up the trail again and spent the next half mile crossing the burn a dozen times to get back to the car.

A cold damp day with grey sky, not a long walk, but great to be getting back out for wee adventures.

5 miles, cloudy, 1 degree, no wind.

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