Monday, 13 August 2012

Anstruther 2012 pt2

After our wander along the coast we returned to the boats for some sustenance before heading out to the fleshpots of Anstruther... I had a couple of beers in good company and went to the Marquee where it initially appeared as if friends were suffering from some sort of seizures. Further investigations revealed that they were dancing. Oh dear Stuart..!

Fortunately sense prevailed and I headed back to the Heron. As I had sneaked on to a pontoon mooring it should have been an easy walk back but I didn't have a pass for the gate so I there was some interesting climbing over the "security" gate to get back.

Back on the wee Heron with it's rather basic lighting system. But I was warm in my sleeping bag with half a pizza? What happened to the rest Scott?..  I had been up since 05:15 and was feeling the long day. It should have been a peaceful night but the wind was getting up to 20+knots. I was a little unsettled at the thought of the sail back in the morning. I had the offer of a lift back "Barnacle Bill's" camper van if the weather was really bad. - It's usually accepted that you can leave a wee boat "storm bound" at a mooring for free rather than risk your life going to sea.

Next Morning at 07:00 and the harbour was silent. The wind had dropped but the sea was running at a couple of feet of swell. The intervals were around 6 or 7 seconds which was cool but it was from the east which meant the sea was running forward port all the way with the wind gusting on the nose. That was not so cool, especially as it was due to pick up with a sea breeze as the sun rose. 

Just the Heron's hatch  and the fluttering of bunting.

I made the decision to go, got the Heron ready and cast off as the other boats started breakfast. The first hour was blustery but I kept the head down and pushed the little 5hp outboard into the wind. As I was passing the Isle of May the wind and sea started to build. Cheerio Ainster!

The photo below was the last I took on the journey back. The sky darkened and the sea was soon breaking over the Heron. I was soaked and cold, hunched into the little cockpit .

By 13:00 I was back in Dunbar Harbour. I tied up then staggered home only to discover I couldn't find my house keys (El and Fly were away to Glasgow). I borrowed a chisel and opened my front door in about 3 mins which is a bit worrying. I later found my keys in the bottom of my spare clothes bag.

The "Mighty" Heron flying her Ainster burgees with pride.

A mini cruise, only one night away but a lot of fun. As usual the Heron did the job. An Alacrity 19 may be a 40 year old boat but the heavy lay-up from those days makes for peace of mind. Here's to the Anstruther Muster 2013!

F4 gusting 20+ SE, moderate, good.


  1. Great couple of days you had Ped -:)

    Need to get out on a sail soon!

  2. I like the looks of your boat. Glad you made it back safe.
    Peace :)

  3. CK- there might be some settled weather Sunday morning but the tides aren't so good.
    Chandra, it's good to get away but when the weather turns it's great to get back.