Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Mid Week Cycle 1 August

As soon as I got home from work the rain started. I'm getting used to it this summer. There was a clear spell around 18:30 so I grabbed the chance and got out on the old Falcon.

With the weather being so changeable I didn't want to go too far so went for hills instead. Out around Dunbar then the climb up past Bowerhouse and on up to Little Spott. The sun was shining between the clouds and the fields are finally starting to turn golden.

Daniel's Brae was a fast drop down through the tunnel of dripping trees and on through the thankfully shallow ford. 

No point in trying 1980's caliper brakes after they've been in the water. We all know what the result will be.

The climb back up to Spott passes this memorial. There was a lot of witch burning in the Dunbar Parish during the 17th Centuary.  James VI suspected  plots by the Bothwells to usurp the crown. This was probably true but rather than trying to prove treasonous behaviour he had various poor souls accused of witchcraft. Records suggest that over 100 folks were executed during these dark hysterical times. Mostly probably due to falling out between neighbours.

The last burning of a witch in the south of Scotland was at the site of this stone in 1698. Marion Lillie was known as the Ringwoody Witch (the skinny or boney witch). Apparently she was accused of frightening pregnant women.

I cycled on to the bustling metropolis of Spott. They're not going to win Britain in Bloom with that wee tub.

At last the final descent back home and it didn't rain whilst I was out.

Only 9 miles but I had to work a bit harder than normal. 18 degrees, cloudy F2 Southerly.


  1. Would you please share a little of your lovely rain? Looks like you have plenty. The wetness on the roads looks so refreshing. Bone dry here, and 42.2C.

    1. I would gladly share our rain but your welcome to keep 42.2C, that's just a bit too much!

  2. Dunbar always looks nice beside the sea from that last pic.
    An eye watering descent!

  3. Peter:
    The pictures remind me some towns I have visited.
    Little Spott is bigger than a little spot, I reckon.
    Peace :)

    PS. Like Pondero, I would ask for some of your rain as well!