Thursday, 23 August 2012

Mid Week Cycle 23rd August

This week it was a Thursday cycle, not because of the weather but due to a tooth extraction on Wednesday!  At least I don't have to dread any more root canal work.
After work this evening I headed east in the evening sun toward Cockburnspath. I added in a little loop by Torness.

Down by Bilsdean and I had to take a picture on the bridge. The rusty railings sort of complemented the saddle and bar tape.

Further on I met these three Tups. The one on the left was whistling the theme from "The Great Escape"!

There was a road over the old bridge at Dunglass. It was stopped up a few years ago now but I went to have a look to see if it was still passable. Basically it isn't, at least not with the summer growth. I'll maybe look again in the winter months.

It was still good to have a look along a road that very few people ever travel. The views to the east and the Berwickshire cliffs were wonderful with pools of sunlight picking out distant fields. The little compact camera doesn't do the view justice.

There was also an added benefit of traveling the back roads by bike. The summer never really arrived this year but autumn brings its fruits.

20.1 miles in total, lovely evening sun, plenty of head space and too many brambles.


  1. Whistling sheep! lol
    You still not got those cables trimmed yet -:)

  2. I think I was a passenger down that closed road in your Corsa. That must be 10 years ago? As for sheep whistling "The Great Escape" weird eh? normally they stick to "Colonel bogey".