Thursday, 9 August 2012

Mid Week Cycle 8th August

This Wednesday was a summers day! I got out for an evening cycle and headed east vaguely thinking of going to the Bilsdean bridges. Unfortunately its about six weeks since the summer solstice and I didn't have as much light as I thought so I cut back by Torness and nipped down to Skateraw.

The track through the cement works was full of rabbits and the quarry is really beginning to expand to the left of this pic. I can't complain, Lafarge is a major local employer, and quarrying has been going on in this area for hundreds of years.

The Limekiln at Skateraw dates back to the 18th Century. Limestone was quarried locally and stacked in layers with coal in the kiln.

Some sort of chemical reaction, (sorcery as far as I'm concerned) took place and lime was drawn from the arch ways and exported to improve farmland and for iron production.

By 1773 86,000 tonnes of lime was shipped from East Lothian to places all over Britain. In return it required 6000 tonnes of coal to be shipped in.

In front of the kiln on the foreshore there are blocks of stone that once formed a little harbour.  As the sun was going down the there was only the sounds of the Oystercatchers and a family enjoying a barbecue in the distance.

I was running out of daylight quickly so got the head down and pushed the pedals. I had a really strong run home, breathing hard but enjoying it.

These lovely shiny things arrived in the post for the Trucker build. Unfortunately it might have to go on hold for a month or two as I've got a big bill coming for a gas boiler part and the car needs taxed.....

12 miles, 20+ degrees light SE.

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