Thursday, 16 August 2012

Mid Week Cycle 16th August

It was a Thursday cycle this week as yet again the rain was pouring down on Wednesday. I got home from what has become an increasingly frustrating week at work and grabbed the Falcon. I wasn't in any sort of mood to plan a route so I just headed out along an eight mile loop I use on winter mornings.

First time around and the wind was beginning to drop. The sun was still high in the sky but the shadows are starting to get longer every evening. The muscles were loosening up and so was my head.

Chasing my shadow and finding metaphors.

I ended up doing 31.5 miles. Four times around the loop. I got into the mindfulness bit and concentrated on the moment. Just pedaling, breathing, feeling the sun.

Work will be fine tomorrow.


  1. I got the same sun, down on the coast,

    My work will be fine tomorrow now too... -:)

  2. I spent 3 1/2 hours surfing today, cracking waves and a light off shore wind, the little camera you have delivers some cracking pictures ped, and nice to see your miles creeping up, how is your LHT build coming along?
    was at the bike shop this morning and ended walking out with a new LHT disk frame, which should be built up before Christmas (depends on the cash) thats if i can get all the components that i want.

  3. Very cool shadow shot! 31.5 miles is a good distance for a mid-week ride, IMHO.
    Peace :)

  4. Given the medicinal benefits so many of us have enjoyed, one might think that doctors would prescribe pedaling a bicycle more frequently. Seems like I need a dose often.

  5. CK, yup.
    Cold water,I want a Nov build, realistically its Christmas.
    Chandra, I still get a thrill that people thousands of miles apart share common values. Your opinion is never humble!
    Pondero, in the UK there is a scheme through which you can avoid govt tax on your cycle purchase if you agree to use it to commute to work. (and be healthy)
    I'm sure there a similar policies on your side of the Atlantic. The problem here is that those who don't make an effort about their health just use it as a way to avoid tax. We have a national health service that is stretched to breaking through apathy. I think you may be getting a very worthy but similarly flawed system soon.
    Hey ho, I aint going to change the world but I'm gonna pedal on...