Sunday, 6 January 2013

Another Easy Sunday Cycle

A couple of easy hours on the 'trucker today. I just pedaled along little roads and tracks, taking it easy and following whichever path took my fancy. The sky was overcast so there wasn't much scope for pictures. Despite the dull weather, the car park at John Muir Country Park was busy with lots of folk out with dogs or horses.  There's still plenty of space for everyone. 

Back onto the road and I headed out in a loop by East Linton. This little memorial at Phantassie is dedicated to John Rennie who was born here and studied at Dunbar and Edinburgh before becoming a highly respected engineer. The list of canals, bridges and other civil works he designed is pretty extensive. In the foreground of the pic is the top of a baluster from Waterloo bridge which Rennie designed. Guess there must be a gap on the bridge.

The sky may have been cloudy but this meant that the temperature was up at 7 degrees C (44F) and the rain stayed away! The wind was also a light south westerly. A very relaxed 20 miles.

Update to this post!
As well as the baluster being used as a memorial at Phantassie, stone from Rennie's Waterloo bridge was shipped all over the world when it was demolished in the 1920's. Some ended up in Wellington, New Zealand where it was used to build a drinking fountain and dog bowl to commemorate 'Paddy the wanderer dog'. Paddy lived around the wharves and docks of Wellington during the Great Depression. He was friends with everyone except 'pirates, smugglers and rodents' whom he was employed to chase. Unfortunately he passed away on 17th July 1939. Apparently the whole city came to a standstill for his funeral!

Aye, you can learn some nonsense on the internet.


  1. lol at the bridge gap comment!
    Keep on truckin...

    1. I've updated the post. There are bits of the bridge all over the place.

  2. Peter:
    What a nice relaxing ride and lovely story about 'Paddy the Wandering Dog'!
    I will make sure to show Shaggy the Bobtail this post :)

    Peace ;)

    1. Hi Chandra, I hope Shaggy is entertained.