Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Mid week cycle 9th January

It was cold, it was dark, but it was great. I've been procrastinating when it comes to mid week cycles but the weather was calm this evening and the warmish daytime temp' means the frost won't start until tomorrow morning. So no excuses and off I went for an hour on the 'trucker.

My cheap wee Pentax compact isn't much use for low light shots as these noisy pics show. Also there was not that much to see! Most of the time I was quite content in my little bubble of light wandering along in the dark of the countryside.

Back home to the bright lights of Dunbar. The flag flying to the right of the street light is the Stars and Stripes. The building is where John Muir was born. It's good wee museum with various displays and some stuff sent over from California by that famous 'American', Arnold Schwarzenegger.

11 miles, 3 degrees C and SW 12mph.


  1. Think we will ever get a visit here by big Arnie?

    Search `Scottish Total Recall` on youtube -:)

    1. I doubt if Mr Schwarzenegger has a clue as to where Dunbar is. I'm still getting fat bike thoughts.....what to do?