Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Cycling for soup

The second of January is a public holiday in Scotland and for a change the weather wasn't too bad. The rain had been lashing off the windows at 7am but by 11 the sun had popped above the horizon for a quick look around, the rain had stopped and the wind had dropped. I grabbed the Trucker and some supplies and went east to Pease Bay.

There wasn't anything going on at Pease bay apart from the ford in the road being impassable after all the heavy rain. I turned around and headed back up this lovely road. I got off to push for the first bit up from the stream. It was quicker than trying to cycle.

Back at the top of the hill I turned off to follow the southern upland way to Cove. The track was really wet and got muddier as it descended. It would have been a lot easier on a mtb or even a fat bike. The trucker managed though.

When the sun came back out I took the chance to take a break on a sheltered bit of the cliff path. No flask this week. Instead I brought along my wee gas stove. Hot soup, a bit of sunshine and miles of views. I'm easily pleased.

In the pic is my new Giro helmet. I still look like a mushroom wearing it but for the sake of marital harmony I'll wear it more often.

Heading home and the wind started to pick up. The cloud cover broke up and the sun shone.

 All quiet at the quarry and cement works today.

A good twenty three miles, not too far, but enough to loosen up and lose myself in the ride. Back to work again tomorrow but only for a couple of days then hopefully the weather will stay fine for the weekend.


  1. It sounds like you wisely stay flexible, looking for the door opportunity to open. Then, when it does, you take full advantage.

  2. I'm all for staying flexible with targets. It's a cunning strategy for avoiding failure!