Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Dreich Places

An open assignment was sent by Pondero recently to post a little photo essay of a ride to a favourite place. I had hoped to get out over the weekend but a journey to Fife to try to sort out some family business put an end to my plans. 

Tuesday lunchtime and the wind had died down so I grabbed the chance for a cycle down to Barns Ness lighthouse. This isn't far, just one of those little hour or so rides that is easy to fit into life and provides some welcome peace.

The snow has melted and the ice is gone from the verges. Unfortunately however, the settled spell of cold weather has been replaced by high winds and driving rain. 

The road is quickly replaced by a shared walking/cycling trail. There was a cold rain blowing so I turned off the track at the old campsite. The limestone quarry is expanding nearby but in the meantime the disused paths provided an easy route to a place to shelter.

I hid from the rain under a pine tree and soaked up the view out over a cold looking North Sea. A rabbit came tearing along a track in the grass in front of me, closely followed by a murderous wee stoat. They disappeared into the longer grass so I don't know the outcome. The rabbit would most likely get away in the open.

A flask of hot coffee, some shelter form the wind and rain and time to just sit and watch. 

Back on the trail and home to a dreich Dunbar.


  1. Skies have been dreich indeed since the snow left Ped!

  2. Fantastic! It was great to have a glimpse of one of your "places", and I appreciate the link for "dreich". There were a lot of words on that list that could help me translate your wonderful language.

    1. Thanks, these little posts are what I love to read and I thoroughly enjoy your observations of Texas. The weekly glimpse of other people's pleasures without any unnecessary opinions is little therapeutic interlude in my week. Minnesota Doug is sorely missed.