Saturday, 12 January 2013

Saturday winter miles

I had things to do in Haddington today but as there was no particular time constraints I decided to head along on the trucker and take some pleasure from the trip.

The day had started with frosty pavements and ice in the fields. The peely wally winter sun tried it's best to bring some warmth but it was still baltic, although the roads at least were free of ice. The first six miles are quite flat until the climb starts past East Linton, over the river Tyne and on up Pencraig.

The gap on the tree line on the very far horizon is where I was roughly heading. It's a mile of steady climbing; I kept a slow pace today and I was soon up there looking back across the soggy fields towards the coast.

Dunbar on the horizon and the Edinburgh bus labouring up the hill.

After Pencraig there is an easy descent for half a mile or so and then I got into a steady pace along past Beanston for the next five miles to Haddington. This is where the trucker comes into it's own. Just eating up the miles but perfectly able to soak up the bumps and roadside detritus.

Business taken care of in Haddington, I went for a wee pedal around the town but the shadows were getting longer and there was a glint of frost creeping onto the verges.

I got the head down on the way back but the sun sets quickly at this time of year. Coming back into Dunbar and  the Chinese 'magic shine' light was doing it's job, lighting the way for me, and blinding oncoming cars.

Twenty five wintery miles. The temp was about 2 C but the 'feels like' temp was showing -2C (28f). I was fine with two skinny base layers, Altura jacket, buff and polartec gloves. My feet were cold but that's what I get for wearing lightweight shoes. Still better than being stuck indoors.


  1. `peely wally` class lingo!
    I wonder if i should have got a Fargo and istead a Disc Trucker -:)

    1. Funny, I was thinking today that a Fargo would be just about ideal. I'll end up bending the wheels on the LHT one day. The wider 29er rims, high BB and low step over are just the job. But if I was going to pedal across Europe, it would have to be the LHT.