Wednesday, 14 March 2012

14th March Kittiwakes

When I was out with Fly this morning I heard a welcome sound.

Kittee-wake Kittee-wake.  

The Kittiwakes have returned to their nesting site on Dunbar Castle. Last year they returned on the 24th March, so a little earlier this year.  Most people think of the Herring Gull when they talk of "seagulls".  But many Herring Gulls spend all their year on land and it would seem that some find life easier in the cities and never go near the sea.

Kittiwakes are different. They spend all their time out of the breeding season at sea. Today there are only a dozen pairs back at the nests but soon every ledge on the castle wall will be covered with birds. When they return early it gives me some hope for more settled weather and perhaps a good sailing season!

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