Saturday, 31 March 2012

March 31st and I hurt myself today

Saturday morning and time to get to the shops for some decent coffee. After last weeks musings about moving to a single speed/fixed gear I thought I would try the bigger gearing required. I changed the cranks over to the Solida ( are these French made?) 52/42 rings that I originally bought with the frame. The plan was to stick with the 42 front and try to find a usable gear on the 5 speed hub.

This was hard work on the thighs but I quickly got back into it. A couple of miles of hurt and I was getting the speed up and feeling the burn and also forgetting the idea of a single. Gears were invented for a reason.

Road then gravel track out by Lafage and then back on the old A1 and into the Hallhill woods. The bigger gearing was great so long as I kept the momentum up. The woods were full of songbirds. They were darting through the trees in front of the bike and singing for all they were worth. Nesting time is getting into full swing. The last week of unusually warm weather has brought lots of plants into bloom. I hope we don't get a frost now are there will be no fruit come the autumn.

A brown Brooks saddle would look so much better but first thing is a new rear wheel. I've trued the steel rim too many times and it took a battering today. When I came back towards home I cycled past the swimming pool to go down by the Harbour. Last week I had commented to Jason that I was happy to go down the steep grassy slope on a "racer" nevermind a fat bike.

Guess last time I did it I was a lot lighter.

 Halfway down and the brake levers were tight against the bars and I was still accelerating. Left a couple of big skid marks before I bounced over the little wall at the harbour road. Yeah, I know what your thinking!

Down at Belhaven with the surf building.

Atmospheric shot on gravel roads. Or it could be that I've been fiddling about with settings on the camera that I don't really understand. The Scots Pine on the far right of shot really is that shape!

Nothing done to the Heron today. Too much swell running through the harbour. Maybe tomorrow.

Bright, occasional cloud, 5degrees NNE F2 gusting F3. 9 easy miles.

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  1. You should have filmed your racer descent! -:)
    Never noticed that pine before!, nice!