Monday, 12 March 2012

Sun 11th March

The cold that I caught last week went into my chest this week so I wasn't feeling up to doing much. Still risked pneumonia on Saturday morning by wading chest deep in the harbour to check mooring chains. Dry suit didn't leak much!  The afternoon was spent fueling up the outboards and getting them running.

On Sunday morning I took advantage of the tide at low water springs to get down into the rock gullies I visited last week.

Normally this is all covered but with a 0.5m tide there was a lot to see that only appears a couple of times a year.

Six hours later and there is 5m of water covering all this.

The circular marks on the rocks are caused by Limpets. They trap water and hold tight at low tide then graze around there little patch of rock when it floods again. 

There were lots of beadlet anemones on show. When they're exposed to the air they are a jelly blob. When underwater they transform with waving tentacles. 

Not easy to see but there is a ragworm swimming along in this pic. I don't know if the trail behind it is milt or eggs. 

Fly, happy to be scrambling about.

The afternoon was spent trying to fix the VHF radio on the boat and doing the annual chore of scraping down and re-applying a new coat of anti-foul. Less than a month and the Heron may well be sailing here.

W F3 gusting F4 more at times. Clear and sunny 5 degrees.

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