Monday, 26 March 2012

Heron is back in the water

The weather was great on Sunday with clear skies and no wind. The tide was suitable so I took the chance and launched the Heron.  Amazingly my welding held up and the trailer I had built actually worked. I've not got any pics of the chaos of the launch as I was up to my neck in the harbour.

Heron sitting alone at low tide this morning.  Another beautiful day for March but I have to work so it was a long wait before I hurried home to get the rigging done.

I've raised the mast a few times on my own but this was always done on dry land. This year that was not an option but it went well with the calm conditions in the harbour making things a lot easier.

Mast up and the rigging all in place. 

Just need to get the boom and sails on, tune the rigging and it will be time to sail again.

Looks straight enough.


  1. Just beautiful... I hope to launch Goblin for the first time by June... dunking her this weekend, just to find the waterline.

    Congratulations, hope to see more photos of where Heron ventures to this season.

  2. Thanks Jeff, I've checked out your 'Goblin' blog and I will follow. The idea of a junk on a small twin keel yacht intrigues. There's no reason why you shouldn't have an amazingly sailable small yacht. Just look at 'Ming Ming'. Looks like you have done all the research and know how it can happen. Best of luck and I look forward to your adventures. If you have any probs with water line just ask and I'll take round hull measurements every 12" and post to give a guesstimate.

  3. nice to see another alacrity on the forth im on the other side in fife

    1. Hi Douglas. There used to be another Alacrity at Blackness. Have you any links to pics of your boat?