Saturday, 24 March 2012

24 March and another misty morning

Lots to do this weekend but still time for a quick cycle. 
The fog had come in on a light easterly during the night. This also meant that the temperature had dropped but it was good to be out and the fog added to the silence of the early morning.  Supposed to be around 7 degrees but it felt a lot colder in the damp wind. This week I left the Kona and dusted off the collection of parts I call a road bike. 

I like this old frame. Its steel, lugged and I think its Falcon from the 1980s. The Schwalbe tyres are pushing it for clearance but are great all rounders. I fitted a Shimano mtb crank and chain ring to replace the 52/42 front rings because I want an easy life.  I have to shorten the chain.  The saddle is an old standby from a Marin mtb, really comfy but looks terrible. The brakes are useless, I need to replace the suicide levers, re route the cables and re tape the bars. I'm not a the sort of rider who has white tape!

Friction shifters, old but they work. The back rim is steel and there are rust spots forming so when I replace it I might go single speed and get a minimal bike thing going.

The woods were really quiet and the blaze trails just smooth enough to be fast fun. Stopped at the shops on the way home and picked up some Lava Java coffee. A good morning and I met Bruce, Andy, Tom and Jason out on their assorted fat bikes while I was walking Fly. I'm sure there will be pics at coastrider.


  1. Good to see you Ped -:)
    That bike would make a good fixie -:)

  2. Got to pay moorings fees this month but maybe a flip flop wheel and new BB next month. Also fancy some wider drops. You still got some? Great to see 4 fat bikes out to play. Davey K was out puggin it this morning. He's on nights the now.

  3. thats a nice steel steed you have there mate, had a look at a couple on e-bay that are going cheap, just don't have the space at the moment, think i need a bigger house, good luck fixing it up.