Sunday, 4 March 2012

4th March, a grey Sunday

The roof was completed on Friday! Glazing and internals still need doing. I thought I was coming down with the man flu on Thursday, high temp and shivering. It has not really come to anything but I've not been feeling great so no bike this week.

A dreich Sunday so I took Fly out for a scramble along the bottom of the cliffs below the winterfield.

It was cold and wet and only an hour short of high tide although its at neaps. The Bass Rock is just visible in the distance.

Fly fascinated by the flooding tide. I'll have to try fishing these rock gullies or drop a creel in overnight.

Channelled wrack above and Spiral wrack below, not much for eating here.

No flask or stove with me this week so it was home for breakfast. As I headed along the path below Bayswell I spotted this little flower which I didn't know. It's a Lesser Periwinkle. So there you go.

It looks as if it may be brightening up as I type this but the rugby is on the TV and there is beer in the fridge so I know what I'm doing this afternoon.

3 degrees, calm, cloudy rain.
No sign of Kittiwakes yet.


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  2. Yep, bleak,cold and overcast, get home, light fire, open cider then it brightens up!