Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Mid Week Cycle 25 July

This Wednesday evening was almost like summer! The sun was shining so I had a leisurely couple of hours cycling little back roads and lanes. I stopped at Preston Mill because its too fine a place pass by on a summer evening. There weren't any ducks on the mill pond but lots of Swifts shrieking and diving between the buildings.

The Mill in the was built in the 1700s although there has been a mill on the site for at least a hunderd years before that. It was still grinding oatmeal for the morning porridge in 1959!

I think that is an 'undershot' wheel which is not very efficient but relatively easy to build.

This is the mill pond which is fed from the river Tyne. No sign of any drowned Ophelias. There are usually ducks but the recent rains and high water have probably driven them to safer nesting sites.

This sluice controls the level of the water in the mill pond which then flows either back to the river, or can be diverted into the mill race to turn the wheel. 

The wheel then turns all these cogs, pulleys and shafts with wonderful creaks and groans. It all still works.
After the mill I cycled up to Lawhead and then down to Tyninghame beach. I took a photo of the Falcon outside one of the old farm buildings. There are few of these buildings used for farming now. Most seem to be converted to homes that are well beyond the pockets of anyone who works on the land.

Lovely couple of hours, 18 miles, 18 degrees ?F1 E.


  1. Enjoyable history lesson and excellent photos, water mills are of special interest to me. Rock walls make wonderful backdrops for bike photos.

    1. I'll try to visit some more water mills.