Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Mid Week Sail 11th July

The rain continues. There was a race at Dunbar Sailing Club this evening so I took the chance to get the Heron out for a sail. 

There was a westerly of around 8mph due but it never came to anything. On the way out of the harbour I had a worrying moment when the outboard spluttered to a halt. I checked the usual but couldn't spot anything. I was close to the rocks but there wasn't any immediate danger. Unfortunately the lack of wind meant I couldn't sail out of trouble. Nothing left to do but fix the engine. I eventually traced a block in the fuel tap and bypassed it. The other boats had waited out at the marker and I got to the line as the one minute horn sounded.

The wind was really fluky with lazy swell that made for poor sailing. It gave me a chance to fiddle with the roller furler and the foresail.

It all seems to be working and makes things a lot easier and safer when single handed.

'Summer' skies over the North Sea.

As usual I was last with the other boats making 5 knots to my 3 in the light winds. Not the most exciting sail but nice to be out on the water for a couple of hours.

13 degrees, 2ft swell, variable wind F2N occasionally.

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