Sunday, 29 July 2012

Sunday Morning Lighthouse Cycle

Sunday morning and I was out early for some space before everyone else woke up. I took a quick pedal down to the lighthouse at Barns Ness. I visited here back in February "Frozen Barns Ness".  The weather was a bit kinder today with the sun peeping out from behind some threatening looking clouds.

I propped the old Falcon up against the lighthouse wall to get a couple of pictures. The bike is going great although the jockey wheels in the rear derailleur are looking a bit hooked. I think I might have some spares somewhere. Any new parts are for the LHT build. Poor neglected Falcon!

Breakfast was from the leaky wee flask with a decent Colombian 'after dinner' coffee. There were a couple of boats working their creels just offshore. I think they were the Triton and the (Jimmy) Sea Breeze. Apart from them, it was just me and the birds. A Cormorant was drying its wings down on the rocks and a couple of Terns swept north. 

The wind started to pick up as I headed home. The soil that has been dug out for the new quarry has started to re-seed and nature is finding its way. Poignantly its always the Poppy that can establish itself in the most disturbed ground. I pushed the exposure and played with the light in this photo to try to get a bit of an Impressionist feel about it. Not sure if it worked.

A relaxed Sunday morning.
11degrees, Intermittent cloud F3 SW veering.


  1. Hi Peter:
    What a nice time you must have had!
    Those lighthouses are breathtaking. So pretty!
    The photo of the poppies is very nice also.
    Peace :)

    PS. I look forward to your future reports about the Falcon!

    1. Thanks Chandra. It's great to get out early and appreciate what I have so close to home.