Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Mid Week Cycle 3rd July

I have been spending an extra 90 mins at work every Tuesday for the last 18 months before it's visiting time at the care facility where my mother stays. This isn't too much of a chore in the winter but spending unpaid time at work in the summer? 

So this morning I threw some riding kit and the Kona into the car and, come finishing time, got changed and went for a cycle. I headed along the disused railway line between Haddington and Longniddry. I could have travelled along this route a couple of weeks ago on my way back from Edinburgh but wasn't sure of the surface on skinny tyres with no mud guards.

Turns out that mud guards were pretty essential.

The Railway started in 1846. It carried cattle, crops and people from the countryside into Edinburgh. Unfortunately Dr Beaching spotted it in 1965 and the axe fell in 1968. The track was definitely gone by the late 1970s/early 80s when I used play here. We didn't venture as far as Longniddy - there were strange kids in those parts!

Loads of wildlife around. Rabbits, voles and as many songbirds as you could wish for. All the recent rain may have made the track pretty muddy in places but it had that 'after rain' smell when all the flowers are open. Those trees used to be saplings when we ferreted these embankments as kids. 

Back to work for a quick wash, load up and off to visit my mum. 

Loads of room.

The track is supposed to be 4.5 miles each way so today's cycle should have been about 10.5 miles but it didn't feel that far. 20+degrees, no wind, close and plenty of water. No coffee on this cycle.


  1. Looks like a fantastic route. I'll bet a ride like that can enlighten a conversation with your mum, eh?

    1. Yeah, talking about a cycle through green countryside sure beats reading out the TV guide.