Sunday, 23 September 2012

Calm before the Storm

I took Fly out for an early walk along the cliffs then home for breakfast of coffee and eggs. The harbour was a peaceful idyll with few people around and the sun slowly starting to bring some warmth to the autumnal air. It has been a lovely weekend but the weather forecast is showing strong north easterly winds with a swell developing out at sea.  Beyond the breakwater is the North Sea and eventually Denmark so there is plenty of room for the waves to build.

The sailing season is nearly over in Dunbar so I decided it was time to drop the mast on the Heron and get her ready for coming out onto the hard standing. 

With the boom and mainsail removed I let the jib fly for the last time before taking it off the furler. 

Half an hour and sails are stowed below with the mast, furler and rigging lashed on deck.  

This is the reason why I took the mast down.With the little motor putt-putting away I sailed under the bridge and through to the Cromwell harbour. The safest mooring I could find was rafted up along side a small creel boat which shouldn't be moving over the next few days.

Its a calm Sunday evening but there is a huge swell of 15 foot predicted for tomorrow at 6pm. Hopefully the Heron is now safe and I will be able to get out on foot, or by bike, and get some pictures of the sea without worrying about the boat.

As the gas station attendant told Sarah Connor, "there's a storm coming."


  1. Always enjoy your Heron posts Peter, makes me want to go out and try a bit of sailing. That's a nice sunset picture at the end of the post too.

  2. Big swell = good beach combing by fatbike next week -:)

    Great pics Ped

  3. That entire post is the very illustration of peace, and absence of storm. I understand, however, knowing about the change. When living closer to Gulf of Mexico, I've seen the change from peacefulness to hurricane's fury. It doesn't take long.

  4. Glad you've got the heron safe mate, as I've just had a walk along the east beach and its wild, heavy heavy swell out of the nor east.

  5. Thanks all for the comments, rather than reply individually I've just posted what the weather is like now.