Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Mid Week Cycle 5th September

This week I was pushed for time again so I took Fly with me for a cycle around John Muir Country Park. Each week the sun is setting a little earlier, 19:53 today.  At least the weather has been kinder with lovely warm days and bright skies. The harvest is going well with westerly winds keeping the crops dry.

Out in the woods there are a few miles of wandering sandy trails to play on. After a "summer" spent mostly on the old Falcon it takes a bit of adapting to get back into 26" wheels and cycling in bursts rather than a steady cadence. I'm not complaining though, who would with empty trails like these to enjoy.

Under a tree beside a clearing I spotted a bird pellet. These are the regurgitated bits of prey that the bird can't digest. I can't help myself with things like this! There were tiny bones and little teeth in the matrix of fur. They looked like the little teeth field mice have at the back of their jaws. As field mice are mostly nocturnal this would suggest the bird was probably an owl.

Back to the cycling, The sun was going down out over the Tyne estuary and the wind was picking up again.

Its fat bike territory out there on the sand so I spun along the little single track routes in the trees.

It amazes me how few people I see out and about around here. The car park is often busy with surfers but the rare time I meet anyone they are dog walkers. Bizarrely when I got back to town I could here the music thumping from some sort of exercise class at the local swimming pool/gym. I suppose I should be thankful that so many people choose to exercise indoors.


  1. "It amazes me how few people I see out..."

    Yep, I often wonder about folks. What are they thinking?...or WHY AREN'T they thinking?

    Then, like you, I "...suppose I should be thankful...".

    Well said, and beautiful photos.

    1. Thanks Pondero. Being able to wonder, and ponder, are disappearing skills.

  2. Hey ped
    I also like the photos, just out of curiosity what compact camera do you own? as i am currently looking for something small that i can slip into a pocket, as the SLR isn't the best for the blogging due to its bulk.

    1. It's a Pentax Optio LS1000. They were on Amazon for £49.99 which I think is cheap for 14mp, HD video and rechargeable Li ion battery. It's not waterproof!

  3. Pics 4 and 5 are two views i often photo too as amazing views...
    Its a 20 mile loop to JMP from my house and i often meet no one once past the Knowes ford...
    Shoosh about how quiet it is -:)