Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Mid Week LHT

The days are getting shorter and after getting home from work and attending to all the usual nonsense I ran out of daylight. No midweek cycle for me. I could get the lights out but it doesn't offer much opportunity for photos. So instead here's a long overdue update on the Long Haul Trucker build. D at Cold Water Logger is getting on with his build but things have been a little slower here.

Last time the headset, stem and bars were added. Since then I've fitted the crank and hollowtech bottom bracket. Also added were bar-end shifters, cables, adjusters, frog leg canti's and wheels. I could rob the Kona for the derailleurs and seat post and the Falcon for tyres and brake levers. This would get the bike on the road but I want to do it properly so I'll have to be patient. It's a virtue apparently.

That 60cm frame is big!, those 700c wheels look like 26". 


  1. Look's like the build is coming along just fine, i still have a few components to add to my build also, and i can sympathize with the patience issue as it's something that i sadly lack, especially when all you want to do is get out and ride, don't know about yourself but it's the little things that seem to cause the hold up's, my second brooks saddle arrived tuesday and this time it's a males :)

  2. Peter:
    I like those bar-end shifters. Good Luck with the rest of the build!
    Peace :)

  3. 1st ride on the Fargo to work yest and its sweet, hurry up Ped! we have got loads of Sustrans to ride -:)