Thursday, 14 June 2012

Mid week cycle 13th June

This Wednesday the weather was a bit better with dry roads and no streams to cross. When the sun was out it was even warm! I had run out of coffee on Wednesday morning so took the opportunity for an evening cycle over to Tesco in North Berwick to see what they had. I picked up some Douwe Egberts morning Americano. Unfortunately the journey was more enjoyable than the coffee.

The hedges and field are in full growth now. A brown hare had run off into this field but didn't hang around for a photo.

The view out over Tantallon Castle, The Bass and the Isle of May. 

Back at Dunbar looking west to where I had just been. The old Falcon is running fine and I'm getting a bit stronger on the hills. This is dangerous as I start to get thoughts about a better bike. I have to be realistic though, I can't afford a new bike and the Falcon may be old but it is still a better bike than I am a rider.

 A good outing with 25 miles in two hours which is fine for me. I'll try a stronger brew of coffee tomorrow morning to see if that helps the flavour.

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