Sunday, 17 June 2012

Sunday 17th June and the rain came down.

It's been raining since Friday evening and I've hardly been out, just quick walks with Fly. The big boats grabbed a gap in the weather and headed off to Norway. To be honest I don't really fancy four days and nights ploughing through the North Sea in this weather. I spent Sunday afternoon stripping the old silicon off the bath and resealing it... I needed to get out! So a quick pedal in the rain to Cockburnspath.

On the other side of the road from the war memorial is a shelter marking the end of the Southern Upland Way. The masochists who walk this trail tend to go west to east to have the prevailing winds behind them. At least that is the theory but for the last four years the wind seems to always be coming in off the sea from the east.

 I'm drookit.

On the way back I took a pic of another bizarre road sign. Its not the sign itself but the stickers on the supporting poles.

Look! You can drive into these at 60mph and they will be your best mate.

Aye, its been an exciting day.

17 miles, rain, puddles, mud. Annual leave tomorrow so I'll take the bike down to the harbour and give it a proper wash and lube.

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