Sunday, 24 June 2012

Sun 24th June Woodland Scramble

On Sunday the weather was changeable with sudden downpours. Still no sailing and no cycling today. I took Fly back to the west side of Pease Dean in an attempt to try to follow the stream down to the main part of the nature reserve. The woods here are natural due to the steepness of  the gullies in the dean. It is too steep to graze or farm and has been left as it would have been for centuries.

The Ramsons have died back since my last visit but everything else has grown up and the going was difficult.

Above is Sessile Oak. The ground was wet and I had a few slips working my way along above the stream.

The soft ground also meant it wasn't too difficult to follow the deer tracks. Further on I found a flattened area in the grass where a deer had spent the night.

I also came across a badger sett. There was recent digging and a pile of cleared bedding nearby. They often do this when reusing an old sett or if there are cubs around.

Badger cubs are born early in the year in January or February. The damp ground will hopefully mean plenty of earthworms for them

This is not a badger,

The spindly trees show this area has been felled recently and has new trees planted.

 A stand of Sycamore.

The Rain starting again on my way back. A good couple of hours, plenty of stings and scratches and Fly is fast asleep now.

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