Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Mon 18th June A/L messing about

Today was the start of my summer holiday. Woo hoo!  
Spent the morning messing around doing domestic sorts of things and amazingly the rain held off. As the afternoon dragged on the sea settled and a slow thick heat started to build. Cumulonimbus cloud stacked ominously to the north. 

I got the bike down to the harbour where I can use a hose, clean the bike and take some photos.

A clean and carefully lubed transmission.

The entrance to Dunbar harbour.

Sea facing wall on Dunbar castle. The Saltire is looking a bit tired.

The above pic is Jackson's hole. Mermaids turn up here every so often. They always swim off before I can get a photo.

I really should have got the Heron out for a sail but I had expected the weather to break again. It did rain hard but I was hiding on another boat. Maybe tomorrow.

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  1. They were always a lot of slippery woman in Dunbar i remmeber - many got(ran)away... -:)

    Enjoy your hols Ped!, pop by for that Brooks saddle anytime -:)