Saturday, 2 June 2012

A busy week

Its been a very busy week at work but I've managed to get out and about in the evenings. Last weeks hot weather broke and the rain came along with cool easterly winds.  I was out for a pedal on Wednesday night and wore my Altura night vision jacket without overheating.

I cycled out to East Linton then back along to Preston Mill for the obligatory pic. The roads were quiet and I really enjoyed the ride. Just the hiss of the tyres in the rain for 15 miles.

Thursday was still cold and damp.  I was asked to be a casualty for a lifeboat training exercise so headed out of the harbour with Stuart on the Ambition. This is the Harbour Master's wee office.

We tacked backwards and forwards for a while until the inshore boat turned up. I complained of hitting my head and so had to be treated as a possible spinal injury. This meant I could lie on one of the bunks until we were towed back to harbour.

Alan seems happy about something. Ross usually looks happier than this.

Jamie always looks like this.

 Good fun.

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