Sunday, 10 June 2012

Sun 10th June. Three Island Misery

Sunday was the Three Island Race at Dunbar Sailing Club. It's a long race for the wee boats around the Isle of May, The Bass and Craigleith. Myself and Stuart went in his boat, Ambition. Unfortunately for me I had my first ever episode of sea sickness. An hour and a half from land and I was feeding the fishes. We had made a reasonable time to the first transit and expected the breeze to drop so Stuart decided to retire. I was certainly not complaining. 

It was a cold sail back towards Dunbar. We knew it would be close for getting in before low water. Ambition probably could have made it but there was a swell breaking into the harbour entrance so there was no option but to wait for more water. Three hours of tacking back and forth. I felt terrible.

Got home, managed to eat something and then took Fly out for a walk on wobbly legs. I wasn't bothered, I was just glad to be on dry land. Found this egg which I think is a robin's. I'll try to spot the nest.

F2E varying, 3ft swell, and 7 cold unpleasant hours on a boat. Maybe the summer will arrive next week.

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