Thursday, 7 June 2012

Mid Week Cycle 6th June

On Wednesday the weather was much the same as last week with rain and low cloud. I headed out for an evening cycle towards Lawhead. The lanes around here are really peaceful and full of wildlife, and water. 

Binning Wood and its smooth road to the 'green' graveyard where you can be interred amongst the trees. Just the sound of the birds and the rain dripping from the leaves.

After Binning I had forgotten about the climb by Newbyth. At the top there were probably birds singing but I couldn't hear anything but my poor lungs gasping for air.

I was never designed to push 52/42 chain rings up hills like that.

Outside the Kirk at Whitekirk with its traditional graveyard.

 A pleasant 18 miles, a couple of hills and two contrasting graveyards.


  1. Looks like a nice wee ride, your fairly packing in the miles now mate.

    1. yeah, trying to get the base miles up again. Still slow but I'm enjoying it. When are we getting a new post on your blog?